What are Angel Numbers and Their Meanings?

what are angel numbers

Numbers are all around us. Everywhere we look – grocery receipts, license plates, clocks, billboards and more – they’re there. But what are angel numbers, and what do they really mean? If you’re wondering whether your dream is about to come to fruition, you may be looking for signs from the universe. Well, the universe gives you signs in the form of angel numbers.

Have you ever noticed repeating numbers appear seemingly out of nowhere? Do you glance at the clock at exactly 11:11, or notice the license plate ahead of you in line at the drive-thru starts with 222? These numbers and their meanings can have a real impact on your dream manifestations – if you pay attention.

Here are just a few examples of repeating numbers and what these  angel numbers  mean:

Angel Numbers 111

Make sure you’re focusing your energy and attention on your true desires, because this number sequence means that your dreams are manifesting quickly! This number represents new beginnings and your soul’s mission. It’s time to make sure you are ready to receive your true desires. Keep your eyes peeled for new experiences and opportunities.

Angel Numbers 222

Ok, stop worrying! This number means take a deep breath and trust that the universe has everything aligned in your favor. Things will work out the way they’re meant to. This sequence represents wisdom, transformation and vision. Now is a great time to get clear on your vision and reset your intentions! Sit down with a journal or notebook and write down what you really want from life.

Angel Numbers 333

This is a powerful number sequence that represents divinity. When you see this number, take some time to feel peace and joy in your heart. It’s also a sign that you should put your natural gifts to work. Stay focused on your desires and know that you have an abundance of energy surrounding you.

Angel Numbers 444

This is a wonderful sequence number that means your angels and guides are with you every step of the way! Know that you are not alone and be aware of new opportunities and events that open up doors for you along the road to your dreams. Divine guidance is all around you so rest in the fact that you have a partner for life when it comes to manifesting your desires.

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Angel Numbers 555

This number represents change. Many people fear change, but when you see this sequence, let go of your fear and charge ahead! This means your life is about to get better. Be ready to say goodbye to things that are no longer serving you, and hello to new adventures and opportunities. Stay focused on your vision and believe that good changes are coming your way soon. Get ready to embrace the new you!

Angel Numbers 666

This number represents a demonic symbol for many, but that is just not so. This number is a sign that you need to recalibrate and reset your intentions to the universe. Perhaps you’ve strayed off course or life got too ‘busy’ for you to really focus on your goals. You’re simply out of alignment and need to get back on track. Take some time to think about your desires and what you really want. Realign yourself with your goals and reset your intention to the universe. It’s always listening!

Angel Numbers 777

It’s your lucky day! Things are really about to come together for you and this is a reward for being true to your goals and open to new opportunities. This is definitely a sign of spiritual alignment. Work on becoming your highest self and look for ways to help the world. Your wisdom can help those around you in more ways than you can imagine. Use your natural talents and gifts to give back. Use your imagination and be creative.

Angel Numbers 888

If money is part of your manifestation dream, then this is the number to look for! Financial gain will soon be yours. This number sequence is synonymous with financial abundance. Don’t shy away from opportunities and new ideas. Your energy is needed in order to complete the circle. This number also represents integrity, self-reliance and confidence. Believe you are worthy of abundance and put all of your time and energy into making sure you receive your reward.

Angel Numbers 999

This number represents change and completing energy circles. Don’t be afraid of the unknown – jump in, the water’s fine! Bigger and better things await you. This is also a good indicator that you need to finish things up. Do you have a project that you’ve been putting off? Is there a conversation or event you’ve been dreading? Now is the time to get those out of the way so you can move forward. Once you complete and let go of the past, you can move ahead and be ready for new and exciting adventures.

Angel Numbers 1111

If you ever glance at the time and it blinks back “11:11” – jump up with excitement! This means manifestation is very close. So celebrate and focus on what you’re trying to achieve. Picture in your mind two doors – one in this world and one in the spiritual world. Where do you want to be if you step through the doors? Now is the time to ask for what you really want in this life. Think of it as a “quantum leap”. It’s really possible if you have enough faith! What do your dreams mean to you? Why do you want them so badly?

Remember that these are signs from the universe and the above angel numbers and their meanings are not to be taken lightly. BUT – it doesn’t mean that you can just sit back and look for signs all day long. You have to do your part. Take action, be on the lookout for opportunity and be clear about what it is you truly want now that you know what angel numbers mean.

While these angel numbers have various meanings, they all have one thing in common: the Universe is with you in your journey and will work tirelessly to ensure you get everything in this life you desire. With your help, of course.

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