Soul Searching: What is Good for Your Soul?

soul searching

Listening to other people’s stories can be one of the best ways to learn things.


Because when you can tap into someone’s emotions, the more likely you are to remember.

“I don’t remember the exact details but I sure remember how it made me feel” – we’ve all said that statement at some point in our life.

Emotions and feelings have staying-power; much more than details and facts. If you want to learn from other people’s experiences without actually experiencing them yourself, storytelling is a great tool.

If you’ve ever met a deeply spiritual person, chances are that they have some sort of “dark” past they had to endure before reaching spiritual maturity.

This phase is known as several different names, like “shadow work”, “dark night of the soul” and “Mirror work” to name a few.

The point is that becoming spiritually mature takes work and soul searching. You must endure the “dark night of the soul” in order to reveal and manifest your soul’s true purpose.

Dark Night of the Soul – What is it?

Do you have life experiences that you don’t want to share with others?

Maybe you try to suppress these memories from your conscious mind altogether.

Or perhaps you react to certain situations because of a subconscious behavior from your past.

Either way, the dark night of the soul will bring these things to light, even though you are trying to avoid it.

This process may seem a bit painful but it is a critical component of being able to manifest your soul’s true purpose.

You see, without facing the past and avoiding these unpleasant situations, you will never truly know yourself.

If you want to manifest all the good that life has in store for you, it’s important to take responsibility for where you are now. If you don’t know where you are, how do you know where you want to be? Your soul manifestation can only take place when you get focused on who you are and what all of your life’s experiences have been so far, good and bad.

You need to be prepared to deal with your past in order to reach your full potential in the future.

Don’t expect this to be easy. Because our brains our wired for ‘fight or flight’, you are going to be triggered to either push through it (fight) or run away from it (flight).

There will be growing pains on your path to spiritual maturity; but these are not only necessary, they are spiritually and universally intentional.

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How to Shine Your Light Past the Dark Night of the Soul

The first step on your soul path is to be fully aware and conscious about the process. Keep an open mind. Know that it won’t be easy and decide to do it anyway.

You will likely experience several of these dark moments. Don’t let it discourage you. Keep going, and know that you need to go through it in order to get closer to your higher self.

Realize that as long as you’re here on this earth, there is work to be done on your inner self.

If your initial response is to take the ‘fight’ tactic, it’s important to not let fear overtake you. Fear can make you lash out and can destroy the very relationships the universe wants to bring you closer to.

To avoid this situation, be conscious of when fear threatens to override everything else and then attempt to find the trigger.

Are your emotions getting the better of you?

Is all the chaos helping you align with your higher self?

These questions can help diffuse the situation and give you a calmer perspective on things.

If your initial response is to take the ‘flight’ tactic when facing your subconscious, overcoming fear is also a very important step.

It may seem easier to run away from what’s causing us pain; but running also means you’re more likely to destroy the very things in your life that you’re working hard to manifest.

To overcome the flight response, step back and take a look at the big picture.

Tell yourself that on the other side of fear lies everything you’ve ever wanted.

Tell yourself you are worthy of a good and wholesome life.

These thoughts can keep you grounded when you get the urge to run away.

Don’t Fight the Process, Your Soul Knows What’s Best

Sometimes, situations can arise, meant to help propel us to the next level.

When faced with these hurdles or situations, you may be tempted to freeze in place, or try to push through it as hard as you can. Neither of these will get you the best results. 

When you learn to overcome these challenges correctly, you will gain strength. The more you overcome, the stronger you will be.

Your spiritual training and maturity will go much more smoothly if you have a deeper understanding of yourself, such as your natural abilities and talents.

When you discover what is good for your soul, you will have a more fulfilling life overall, and have a deeper understanding of what your soul’s purpose is.

Are you ready to do the shadow work and soul searching necessary to manifest your life’s dreams?

Go for it!

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