Law of Attraction Scripting for Beginners

law of attraction scripting

Ask any successful person about how they achieved success and they will likely tell you that they visualized it long before it actually manifested. That’s because visualization is one of the most critical principles in putting the Law of Attraction to work. Unfortunately, many people struggle with visualizing because they can’t focus and their mental imagery never materializes.

That’s why Law of Attraction scripting is so important – it’s an alternate version of mental imagery, but just as powerful.

What is LOA or Law of Attraction Scripting?

It’s a Law of Attraction method that involves detailed writing about your dreams and vision for your future.

It also involves using your creativity and imagination and transforming them into words, in a story-telling way. This can be incredibly rewarding and fun. If you love to write, then you’ll love Law of Attraction scripting exercises.

The Benefits of Law of Attraction Scripting

There are several benefits of scripting, including:

  • Scripting is a great reality shifting exercise and is beneficial throughout all stages of a manifestation journey
  • Scripting allows you to use your creativity and imagination in word form
  • Scripting allows you to access your thoughts, emotions and feelings, all fundamental elements of realizing your manifestation
  • Scripting allows you to build your belief in the Law of Attraction; you can look back and see how far you’ve come

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5 Elements of a Good Law of Attraction Script

While your script will be unique to you, there are 5 typical qualities that every script should have:

  1. Write in the Present Tense

Always write as if you’ve already achieved success. Use words like, “I am”, or “Now that I Have”, or, “It is”. Don’t worry about being grammatically correct. Simply write in a way that resonates with the reality you are trying to manifest. Picture your future self and write to that version of you!

  1. Be Clear and Detailed

When it comes to scripting, more is definitely better! Get as detailed as possible with your script. Detailed descriptions allow you to better connect and visualize your dreams. If you’re writing about your dream home, for example, explore every last detail that makes your dream home unique.

  1. Express Your Feelings

This is a key step in the process of scripting. Expressing your feelings allows you to put forth your future reality and ups your energy level to the universe. Some might say, it’s not the words that matter, but the feelings behind those words. So go ahead and describe your feelings – how does it feel to have finally bought your dream home? How does it feel to go through a day at your dream job?

  1. Be Thankful

While every positive feeling is helpful, gratitude is especially so. It will not only raise your vibrations to the universe, but it will put you in a more positive mood and give you the confidence needed to manifest your dreams. Be grateful for all you have; don’t forget to speak in the present tense as if you’ve already manifested your dream.

  1. Make it Believable

If you’re going to dream, you might as well dream big right? Well, not so fast. Yes, you should dream big, but not so big that they are virtually impossible to achieve. If you truly believe you can manifest your dream home in one year, then get writing on your script! If, however, you’re having doubts on whether that is actually achievable, then you may want to hold off on that particular goal.

5 Ways to Script Your Desired Reality

So how can you apply a script to your own life and your own desires? Here are 5 ways you can put the Law of Attraction scripting method to use:

  1. Add Scripting to your A.M. Routine

Each morning, over a cup of coffee or tea, grab your journal and ponder these questions:

  • What do I want to accomplish today?
  • What are the most important tasks I need to complete today?
  • How do I want to feel today?
  • What am I grateful for today?

As you ponder the answers to these questions, write from the perspective of your future self at the end of the day. Write in detail everything that you did and everything you accomplished. Remember to focus on feelings and emotions.

Envisioning your day like this will help you shift your mind and your focus so you can concentrate on manifesting your dreams faster.

  1. Script for the Week, Month or Year Ahead

Why stop at daily scripting? Go further in the future – even a year ahead! Ask yourself the same questions as above for daily scripting, but envision your life for a specific timeframe in the future.

Whether you’re scripting your week, month or year, write in as much detail as possible. Imagine how you’d like the time to go.

  1. Use Scripting to Manifest a Specific Person

Scripting can be a powerful tool to manifest a specific person into your life. Envision yourself in your ideal relationship and ask yourself the following questions:

  • How does it feel to be in love with this person?
  • How do I act in my relationship?
  • What do my partner and I do together?
  • How did we meet?

Describe these things in detail. Remember to use present tense and include feelings and emotions, especially gratitude. Think about the qualities of the other person and what their character traits are. How do they treat you? How do they make you feel? What are their interests?

Don’t worry about manifesting a particular person. Remember, too, that sometimes true love shows up unexpectedly. Don’t be too obsessed about meeting the right person. Just believe it will happen!

  1. Use Scripting to Manifest Your Dream Job

Do you have a dream job or career that you want to manifest? Use scripting to help bring it to fruition! Think about a career that you truly care about. Don’t just think about high paying jobs or careers with plenty of perks. You want something that will truly satisfy you. Using the same principles of daily script writing, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What would I be doing at this job on a regular basis?
  • Who would I be working with?
  • Would I be working at home, or commuting?
  • Would I be my own boss?
  • How much money would I be making?

Again, be as detailed and specific as possible. Write as if it’s already happened and be clear about what you’re going and why. Express your feelings as freely as you can.

  1. Use Scripting to Manifest Your Dream Home

This is a fun exercise because you can really use your imagination and creativity here! Try to really visualize what your dream home would look like. Take an imaginary tour; explore every room, every hallway, every closet. What does the front porch look like? Is it surrounded by a forest, a lake or is it in the middle of a bustling metropolis?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much did my dream home cost?
  • What features does (insert room name) have?
  • What do I like most about my home?
  • Who is living there with me?

Create different scenarios as you visualize touring through your home; from the mundane house chores to throwing lavish holiday parties. Don’t forget to show your feelings and express your gratitude!

​​​Scripting your goals and dreams can be a fulfilling and fun exercise and once you get into the daily habit, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it! So grab your journal and get started today!

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