How to Manifest Your Dreams in 3 Easy Steps

how to manifest your dreams

When it comes to today’s buzzwords, “manifestation” nears the top of the list. With so many of us talking, writing, and implementing it, you’d think it would be easy to define. But do you really know how to manifest your dreams and make them reality?

The general rule of thumb is this: the thoughts, words, and deeds you put out in your everyday life will eventually come back to you. Bad thoughts equal a bad return. Conversely, good thoughts equal a good return. Some refer to it as karma. In other words, we need to do good for us to have good.

When we switch our thoughts and actions from negative to positive, we will benefit from the manifestation that is already present in our lives. The next time something negative happens to you, analyze your thoughts and you’ll probably find you were feeling negative.

So, how do you manifest what you want and get manifestation to become a positive force in your life? First, we must be more aware of our thoughts and actions, aligning them with goodness and decency.

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Step 1: Envision

When you think about how to manifest your dreams, you need to envision your life and get clear on what you want. Is it health, family, career, love? Once you have a goal in mind, clarify exactly what you want and why you want it. How will your life look when your dream comes true?

Envisioning your dream propels you forward and brings you closer to having that dream you want in your life. A tangible way to accomplish this is to use a vision board, either on paper or online. When you see your dreams every day in front of you, you’re more likely to achieve them, by unconsciously attracting them into your life.

Step 2: Faith

Now you have a clear vision of your dream, develop your faith to really believe that your dream will come true. It’s not just about wanting something – it’s about believing with your entire being that it will happen. Shift your thoughts from ‘can’ to ‘will’.  That’s when you see the magic happen – you’ll discover how to attract and manifest what you want.

Step 3: Act

The most important step in realizing how to manifest your dreams is to ‘act as if.’ As if they’ve already happened. You can envision and have faith that you will achieve success, but if you’re not acting with confidence that your desires have already come into your life, it will be harder to attract good things into your life. This takes plenty of practice so be patient and work your ‘action’ muscles as often as possible.

The above principles will help you manifest every one of your goals, big, small and everything in between. You will soon discover a whole new world and you will uncover your most improved self. Your physical, mental, and spiritual being will be transformed, and your life will be joyous in every way.

The sky is the limit when it comes to seeing how easy it is to manifest your dreams — and your best life. Don’t be afraid to dream big and follow those dreams by practicing the above principles. You’ll soon find that everything you need and want will appear with perfect timing.

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