How to Manifest What You Want: 5 Simple Tips

how to manifest what you want

If you want to learn how to manifest what you want, first you need to know your deepest dreams and desires. How do you bring them into your life? Knowing how to attract all that you desire is known as manifestation. Forget hoping or wishing – this is about getting exactly what you want in life and being ready to accept what the universe wants to give you. Like anything worthwhile, this takes some practice. Here are some tips to help you. 

1. What is Your Heart Telling You?

Schedule some time alone and get clear on what you want. How do you define success? What is best for you? Stop listening to what society says you should have, do or be. What do YOU want? Think about your deepest desires. What makes you happy? What do you need to attract into your life to ensure you’re living your best life? A new career? A family? Your heart knows what you need. It’s important to listen. Don’t be afraid to go to unchartered territory. Let your heart speak to you and get clear on what you desire in this world.

2. Focus

As you’re listening to your heart, think about all of your desires. Make sure you’re in a place where you won’t be interrupted. Turn your phone off, lock yourself in a room and trust the process. Be confident in the fact that you are truly deserving of your desires. Self-doubt will only get in your way and can delay the manifestation process.

Choose one desire that your heart is speaking to you about. Be open about the process and willing to accept the gifts of the universe. Focus on that one desire and believe that it will happen. This is how to manifest what you want.

3. Release

Once you’re clear on your desire and your focus is front and center, it’s time to give your request to the universe. Believe in the strength of the universe and its limitless possibility. Take some deep cleansing breaths and think about your ideal life. Know that the universe has perfect control over your desire and you must trust that everything will work out in perfect order. That doesn’t mean the universe will reveal its plans and processes. You may not get any signs that things are working in your favor until your desire has revealed itself. Let go of negative energy and stress.

4. Be Patient

Trust that everything that happens is destined to happen. Don’t try and force things to happen because you’re not happy with the timeline. The Law of Attraction will only work in your favor if you’re patient and let the universe work for you.

The universe’s wisdom is perfect and things will occur how they need to in the order they need to. This benefits your entire life, not just your one true desire at the moment. Know that you will receive your reward at the right time.

5. Don’t Resist

Keep focused on your desires and suppress the urge to succumb to negative thoughts and emotions.  Don’t resist answers when they come. Be open to the universe giving you the experiences and outcomes you need. These will occur in a time frame that is best for you, not necessarily when you want them. In the meantime, keep focused and believe the universe has your best interests at heart.

Following the five tips above will help you discover how to manifest what you want with all of your desires so you can achieve the life you’ve always wanted.

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